In Today's World

Volume 1

Vigilant In Today’s World series of books are personal guides for anyone who is looking to learn how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Volume 1 covers vital information regarding personal safety and

security,home security, and self-defense along with chapters on specific topics such as a dog for home security, the “It will never happen to me” mentality and daycare safety and security. The book includes special paragraphs regarding hot tips, specific issues worth noting and actual cases along with scenarios for the reader to think about and discuss how they would act in a dangerous situation.

Chapter 1 - The Things I See –Part 1

Chapter 2 - The “It will never happen to me” Mentality

Chapter 3 - Vehicle, Street and Travel

Chapter 4 - Home Security & Defense

Chapter 5 - The Bump in the Night

Chapter 6 - Building Your Home Protection Shotgun

Chapter 7 - The Best Home Security Item…a Dog!

Chapter 8 – Daycare Safety and Security

Chapter 9 – Today’s Gangs

Chapter 10 - Physical Self-Defense and Concealed Carry

Chapter 11 - Reality vs. Hollywood

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