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About the Story

You never forget your first love and sometimes it affects your life more than you know. From the first time I saw Casey, as a first grade student, I fell in love with her and I never forgot her. It sounds cliché, but Casey

had one of those smiles that lit up a room whenever she entered. And she had a personality that matched. She was beautiful on the inside and out. Life took us separate ways after only one year together. After 27 years of separation, I wanted to see if we could rekindle our friendship and possibly a relationship. Unfortunately life has a way of being difficult.

Approx 10 pages

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About the Story

A grandfather and grandson’s bond is a close one. For the grandfather and the boy, it was a

relationship formed from family, service, honor, love and trust. However what the boy finds in his grandfather’s attic will change their lives forever.

Approx 10 pages

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About the Story

Anyone who has joined the military will never forget their boot camp experiences. Some will remember the pain, torment and anguish they

endured, while other’s will remember the amusing and comical moments (yes they do exist). It was the summer of 1993, I was 22 years old and for one reason or another, I found myself walking into the United States Marine Corps Recruiting office. Three months later I was on a plane to San Diego California to spend the next four months experiencing Marine Corps boot camp. These are a few of the special, or anecdotal, moments that stick out.

Approx 30 pages eBook and 65 pages Paperback

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