Jerrod S. Smelker

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Jerrod S. Smelker is the owner/operator/writer for Last Leaf Publishing and Wicked Harvest Books. Author of “Vigilant in Today’s World” series of crime prevention books, “Wicked Harvest: Michigan Monsters & Macabre” series of spooky short stories and books along with numerous other books such as “Tales From the Beyond” (HCP series), “Nina”, “Orphan King” and “Heaven’s Heroes”.


He grew up in Ionia, a quaint small town smack dab in the middle of Michigan between Grand Rapids and the state’s capital, Lansing. He enjoys history, writing, reading, fine cigars and pipes, craft beers and hard ciders, bourbon and moonshine, good coffee (with French Vanilla creamer), and Michigan road trips. He is a small town boy at heart whose soul is forever deeply rooted in the fall season and the Halloween holiday.


He currently lives in Grand Blanc Michigan with his wife Shana, kids and cats.