Last Leaf Publishing started in 2015. It was created for author Jerrod S. Smelker to self-publish books and short stories.

Why the name “Last Leaf Publishing”?

Fall has always been my (Jerrod) favorite season since I can remember. I love everything about it; the smells, the changing colors of the leaves, bon fires, wearing sweatshirts (or even my comfy cardigan sweater), the smell of burning leaves, the crisp cool air, visiting apple cider mills and pumpkin patches, coffee on the porch under a warm blanket, busting out my flannel shirts, and knowing that Halloween is upon us (my favorite holiday).

It’s always a somber feeling knowing that the end of the fall season is that of the last leaf to descend from the tree. But with that, I know I’ve enjoyed the season the best I could. I always look forward to the next one.

Fall has always been my inspiration for many things; including writing. It’s when I feel I capture my best ideas and get the most of what I do.

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